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We’ve Moved!         Our new location is 8565 Harbach Blvd., Suite 203, Clive, IA  50325.   The phone number is the same – 515-321-1332.     This move will allow us to expand our services.   We would also like to welcome Valerie J. Owens of “Valerie’s Crusade”, who will be assisting Sara in providing services and products.


COME LEARN WITH US – Tuesday, November 7, 2017 from 5:30 – 7pm – Educate yourself on the Benefits and Importance  of Vitamin C.   Food provided by Kerri Rush, Fresh Wheatgrass Girl and Fresh Café.   Free tastings of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

Join us at the office.   Please RSVP to Sara at 515-321-1332.

ZYTO WELLNESS PROGRAM – EVOX “Perception reframing” – Helping to Heal Emotions!

Our newest addition to our Zyto Wellness Program is called EVOX.   Sara and Valerie are trained to assist you in providing the EVOX scan and perception reframing.   The session typically runs an hour.

The EVOX system works directly with your personal perceptions. Perception is the way we feel and think about different events, people, or other aspects of our lives. In many cases, we are not even consciously aware of everything that we perceive, or how those perceptions affect us.  Using a process known as Perception Reframing, the EVOX system helps you discover a whole new way of seeing things.

How EVOX perception reframing works

The EVOX uses the voice (VOX is Latin for voice) to create visual maps of your perceptions about specific topics like health, relationships, work, or athletic performance—really any aspect of life.

You speak about any topic and the EVOX records the energy of the voice. The voice energy is then plotted into what is called a Perception Index, or PI. The Perception Index gives you a visual image of their perception as it pertains to the topic discussed.

Most perceptions are static

Clinical trials and experience have shown that most perceptions are static. This becomes especially undesirable when perceptions are dysfunctional in any way. For example, a golfer may always approach the ball the same way and thus reach a performance plateau. At a conscious level she may learn better techniques, but at a subconscious level she is still bound by the perceptions she carries about her golf game, or about her ability to master it. In other words, her golf game remains static.

In the case of relationships, a person may repeatedly attract destructive behaviors. This is the result of a static perception that perpetuates dysfunctional outcomes regardless of a conscious desire for a healthier relationship.



In the EVOX, a static perception can be reflected when speaking about a single topic multiple times that results in a PI that is the same or very similar. With the EVOX system it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe, perception at both a conscious and subconscious level. Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality, and can be used to improve any aspect of human performance.

Users of the EVOX system have reported positive impacts on various aspects of their life, including:

  • Personal Health
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Personal Performance

EVOX perception reframing charts come in Single Topic, Multi-Topic, or Transgenerational.ur newsletter



$90 for 1 treatment (60 minutes)
$210 for 3 treatments
$337.50 for 5 treatments  
$650 for 10 treatments

COME ON IN NOW OR CALL AND BOOK YOUR SPECIAL.   Must be paid in full to receive special rates.   Offer expires November 31, 2017.

A healthy, functioning colon is one of the most important steps in maintaining vibrant health. If you suffer from one or more of the following:

If you suffer from one or more of the following:

  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Asthma
  • Bad Breath
  • Skin
  • Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Prostrate
  • Trouble
  • Parasites
  • Overweight
  • Backaches
  • Insomnia
  • Colds
  • Menstrual Problems

Colon Therapy may provide relief from many of these health problems.

What is Hydro-Colon Therapy?

Hydro-Colon therapy is a safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. This is a restorative, painless procedure, which is both relaxing and effective. The individual lies comfortably on a custom treatment table and the therapist gently inserts a small speculum into the rectum. The therapist then monitors the temperature and pressure of the water infused into and out of the colon (large intestine) without any assistance on the part of the individual. The Hydro-Colon therapy method cleanses the entire colon without stressing the individual. This method provides a closed system in which waste material is eliminated through the instrument and out the drain line, avoiding any offensive odor and maintaining the dignity of the individual.

Total Health Starts Within!

Why Hydro-Colon Therapy?

A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. Conventional diets comprised of refined, processed foods, high in saturated fats and low in fiber contribute too many problems associated with the large intestine. The elimination of undigested food material and other waste products are as important as the digestion and assimilation of foodstuffs. Waste material allowed remaining stagnant in the colon results in decompression of these substances and increased bacteria and their toxins. 

Every year 140,000 Americans are diagnosed as having colon-rectal cancer. Of this population 44% will die as a result of this disease. Colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S. The colon contains the largest concentration of bacteria in the body. Periodic cleansing of the colon could prevent stagnation and minimize the exposure of potential cancer causing agents to the colon wall. The result is a cleaner, healthier colon and an improved overall health status. In addition to the relief of their symptoms, many people report and increased feeling of well-being, heightened energy levels, and renewed vitality.

How the Colon Works

The colon (large intestine) is a muscular tube approximately 5-6 feet length and has an average diameter of 2.5 inches. The small intestine empties the contents of digestion (chyme) into the cecum or first portion of the colon. The colon starts on the lower right side of the abdomen with the cecum and outlines the borders of the abdomen. The ascending colon extends from the cecum to the liver where it bends sharply to the left and crosses the abdomen as the transverse colon. At the level of the spleen, the descending colon continues down the left of the abdomen to the pelvis where it becomes the sigmoid region. The sigmoid colon empties in the rectum where waste material is eliminated

Every Serving of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C Contains
*      1,000 mg Vitamin C
*      1,000 mg of Essential Phospholipids

Why Lypo-Spheric Is Better

Most ordinary forms of oral vitamin C - tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and even the vitamin C from your diet - are not processed and absorbed efficiently by your body. As a result, much of this vitamin C is never transferred into your bloodstream and even less of it makes it into your cells where it's needed most. In fact, when you take


1,000 mg or more of regular oral vitamin C, more than half of it is passed as waste by your body.1

Until now...     LivOnLabs' patented Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C encapsulates the C molecules in liposomes made from Essential Phospholipids, which protect the vitamin C from destruction in the digestive system. Within minutes of taking Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, liposomes filled with vitamin C are transported directly into your bloodstream, and into your cells.

Coming in future newsletters:

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  • What’s an ionic foot bath?
  • Foot reflexology – you are going to rub my feet to help heal my liver?
  • Essential Oils – what makes them so “essential”?
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  • More Lunch & Learns, Dinner & Discern, Breakfast and Belief Sessions
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