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Our Mission 

Priority Health is motivated to help others grow by offering them support, education, and guidance to accomplish their health, fitness, and emotional wellness goals.

Getting Here

8565 Harbach Blvd Ste 203,

Clive, Iowa 50325


Tel: 515-321-1332

About Priority Health

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Sara Hunt

Owner of Priority Health, LMT, Certified Hydro-Colon Therapist, and Health Coach

Born and raised in small-town Iowa, Sara led an active lifestyle which paved the way for a volleyball scholarship during college, where she pursued a degree in Leisure Services with a focus on Fitness at the University of Northern Iowa. The aspiration to foster physical well-being and aid others in their fitness endeavors brought her to Des Moines, where she secured employment with the Iowa Methodist Hospital Employee Wellness Program.

In 1997, the Sara departed from the corporate sphere to establish a Personal Training business, driven by a fervent desire to assist individuals in achieving their fitness aspirations. Subsequently, in 2001, she graduated from the Iowa Massage Institute, recognizing the synergy between physical exercise and muscle release through massage therapy in facilitating her clients' fitness objectives.

However, in 2004, their health encountered a significant setback with the removal of a substantial growth from their thyroid, resulting in a weight gain of 75 pounds and a profound sense of professional insecurity. Nevertheless, this marked the inception of a transformative journey toward self-discovery and healing.

Her quest for holistic health extended to the realm of emotional well-being, as she delved into the symbiotic relationship between emotional and physical health. This exploration culminated in certifications as a Health Coach from Integrative Nutrition and Infinite Possibilities in 2012 and 2013.


Motivated by a desire to spare others from similar struggles and equipped with a diverse arsenal of healing modalities, Sara dedicated herself to empowering individuals on their personal journeys to wellness. Each day, she feels privileged to pursue her passion, and is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with remarkable individuals and witness collective growth.

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Jean Newell

Massage Therapist, Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Certified Cosmetic Surgery Therapist

Jean is a seasoned massage therapist licensed in the state of Iowa, boasting a career spanning over two decades. She earned her certification from the College of Massage and Healing Arts in 2004, marking the inception of her journey into the realm of therapeutic massage.

Upon graduation, Jean embarked on a noble path, joining UnityPoint where she diligently served as a massage therapist for hospice patients. Her compassionate approach not only provided relief but also imparted invaluable knowledge on the benefits of massage therapy, ensuring comfort and solace until life's end. Throughout the trajectory of her career, Jean remained dedicated to her role at UnityPoint, consistently delivering exceptional care to those in need.

In 2022, Jean expanded her expertise by undertaking specialized training in manual lymphatic drainage massage. This pivotal development enabled her to delve into the realm of post-surgical lymphatic drainage, aiding clients in their journey towards optimal recovery following surgical procedures. Her commitment to continuous professional growth has equipped her with the skills to facilitate healing and well-being in her clients.

In recent years, Jean has garnered acclaim for her proficiency in lymphatic massage, particularly in the context of post-surgical care. Her adeptness extends beyond mere treatment, as she actively engages in pre-surgery consultations, offers guidance on garment compression fittings, and specializes in scar revision work and fibrosis breakdown. Through her comprehensive approach, Jean has emerged as a trusted practitioner in the field, consistently delivering transformative results for her clientele.

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