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Energy Balancing

Healing Stones

Crystal Energy Balancing
$100 with stones
$120 with stones & oil

The human body has energy flowing through and around it called an “aura.” When energy flows properly we experience balance and a sense of well being. At times though, we have experiences and emotions that collect in our aura and cause blocks. These blocks are denser, of lower vibration, and can slow our spiritual growth, causing emotional upset, depression, or even disease or illness.

Crystals vibrate at an extremely high frequency and can help unblock and clear our bodies. During Crystal Energy Balancing, several large crystals and a copper Axiatonal Grid are arranged as an energy conductor. When you hold the handles of the grid, you become part of its high vibration energy circuit.

You may experience many things during Crystal Energy Balancing, from a wonderful relaxing feeling to major clearing of emotional and physical blocks. The form your session takes depends on your willingness to be open to this unique experience.

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